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eLearning is the delivery of comprehensive, individualized, dynamic learning content in real time, linking learners and practitioners with experts, utilizing information and communications technology tools.

Online learning encompasses a range of technologies such as the World Wide Web, e-mail, chat, newsgroups, text, audio, and video conferencing delivered over computer networks (local area networks, intranets or the public Internet) to deliver education and training—both remotely, and in the classroom.

The Web-based systems range from simple publicly accessible webpages to complex online delivery platforms which manage student access to content, group interaction, online assessment, and ancillary functions such as enrollments and student records.

eLearning has a broader scope than online learning, covering a wide set of applications and processes which use all available electronic media to deliver learning content flexibly. The term “eLearning” is now used to capture the general intent to support a broad range of electronic media—Internet, intranets, extranets, satellite broadcast, audio/video tape, interactive TV, and CD-ROM—to make learning more flexible for clients.

Innovative Systems is positioned to provide appropriate eLearning solutions for corporations, organizations, institutions, and individuals that are tailor-made for their specific requirements. Innovative Systems has partnered with some of the leading eLearning infrastructure and content design experts of the world, thereby assuring customers a combination of world-class solutions and convenient local support.

Innovative Systems offers a state-of-the-art learning infrastructure that customizes training for entire organizations, while the learning experience ensures that knowledge is delivered in a fast, effective way. Innovative Systems understands the needs and tastes of its customers and is uniquely positioned to deliver the most cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Our solutions:

  • Web-based delivery of eLearning content
  • eLearning engine and content deployed on the intranet
  • eLearning content delivered through CD-ROMs

Contact us to know which particular mode is suitable for your needs.


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