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Put simply, eSecurity involves the prevention of unauthorized intrusion and the protection of data channels and repositories in corporations that are concerned about exposure to the Internet.

With network boundaries fading away rapidly, a growing number of organizations are increasingly connecting directly to their customers, in addition to partners and vendors. Applications that interface over the Internet—either third party or custom-built, or a combination of both—are growing in both number and extent.

In such a milieu, the need for protection from trespass and manipulation has increased considerably, going over and beyond the ambit of the network. By prudent investments in the right areas of application security, organizations can safely deploy complex Internet applications and gain a competitive advantage.

Innovative Systems’ Internet security consultancy provides you:

  • Net application security
    • We test open-to-Net applications remotely over the Internet for vulnerabilities just with plain user access to the application. When done comprehensively, this testing would require greater levels of access to the application architecture, software documentation, and onsite interaction with application developers.
  • Weakness Appraisal
    • Organizations have to ensure their systems are online around-the-clock without fail. Weakness and vulnerability appraisals are a critical tool in guaranteeing this. The aim is to minimize, or better still, eliminate the chance of a security breach. Organizations would most require this confidence when they are shifting their operations or launching new systems.
  • Security Audits
    • A security audit entails a review of all the processes and practices followed by an organization while ensuring an enterprise-wide security policy. Additionally, it involves a technical audit conducted across all locations and devices in the enterprise. Based on the spread and criticality of the devices being audited, a practical mix of remote and on-site audits is done.
  • Invasive Testing
    • Invasive or penetration testing describes the probing of networks and network components for security flaws. This can be done with practically no knowledge of the network or as authorized users having restricted awareness of the network. It is conducted remotely—via the Internet on the IP address or URL specified by the client—or at the client site with internal user-level access.

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